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Education centre

Product purchasing is not possible through Atomy Education Centres. Products can be only purchased from Atomy online shopping Mall.

Member who achieved any of the below conditions in the precribed time, is know as Royal Club Member or Royal Club Leader

1) Total sum of commission, including General Commission and Mastership Bonus, amounts to 200 million KRW (~1,25,64,770 INR) or more during the 12-month period before 2 months prior selection

2) Total sum of commission, including General Commission and Mastership Bonus, amounts to 100 million KRW (~62,82,385 INR) or more during the 6-month period before 2 months’ prior selection

Letter provided by Royal Club Member in the provided format (resources) as a sponsor for applying Atomy India Education Centre.

Assigned Education Centre can be changed by visiting Edit my Info section, details of steps are as follows Atomy India website > Log in > My Office > Edit My Info > Select new education Centre from Dropdown Changes will be reflected after the cycle of Mastership bonus calculation and the same will be reflected on 1st or 16th.

In order to change the Atomy India Education Centre Leader or the location, re-evaluation must take place. Please re-send the Atomy India Education Centre application with the information of the new Education Centre Leader/ new location according to the revaluation results.

Atomy India Education Centres are made operational only on 1st or 16th of every month after completing all the steps on the Education Centre Website followed by approval. (If the date falls on a public holiday, the Education Centre will be made operational from the next day).

Yes, Atomy Education Centre can be opened in a small town, provided that the requirement of the number of distributors assigned to the proposed Education Centre is met and the Education Centre application process needs to be followed as per guidelines.

Atomy India will evaluate on a case to case basis depending on the severity of failure during the specific period. Atomy India shall have the rights to terminate the education Centre contract at any point of time, details are also available in Agreement copy.

No. Only the Education Centre Leader will have rights to attend One Day Seminar and/or Success Seminar. So it is desirable to attend by himself if he can’t attend then the Centre Leader should communicate to Atomy India with specific reasons. Atomy India will have the right to accept or reject the request without giving any reason.

Yes. Applicants can re-apply after one year from the date of closure. Atomy India reserves all the right to accept or reject re-application without giving any reason for acceptance or rejection.

Under following circumstances Education Centre will permanently closed and more details about the same will be available in Education Centre Agreement
a) Any violations by the Education Centre Leader of the provisions of Principal documents and/or any other non-compliance with the law of the land.
b) For the breach of Direct Selling guidelines (as amended from time to time) published by the Government of India or any State Government;
c) Due to misrepresentation by Education Centre Leader to any Government or Regulatory body/Authority, Atomy India, Atomy Direct Seller, any consumer or any prospective Direct Seller
d) In case Education Centre Leader commits fraud, is negligent in his dealings with, cheats or makes any mis-representation of Atomy India & its products, Atomy Code of Ethics and principles, Compensation plan, Policies and procedures to Atomy Direct Sellers who are having valid ADN, prospective Atomy Direct Sellers and consumers, as the case may be.
e) If any employee, staff member, worker of the Education Centre or Education Centre Leader commits a fraud, cheats, is negligent in their dealings with, makes any misrepresentation to any Government or Regulatory body/Authority, Atomy India, Atomy Direct Seller, any consumer or any prospective Direct Seller
Education Centre will be closed If criterias' are not met as described in Agreement and/or violations are reported against the Education Centre Leader for misinterpretation of Atomy India and its products, Code of Ethics and Principles, Atomy Compensation Plan, Agreement, Policies and procedure etc., Atomy will follow all the steps as mentioned in the Education Centre agreement before closing the Education Centre.

Education Centre allocation differs from city to city as there are not specific guidelines. If new Education Centre is planned with 0.5 km of existing Education Centre then NOC required from the existing Education Centre Leader. However final decision on acceptance or rejections shall be taken by Atomy India and no reason for acceptance or rejection shall be given.

The Education Centre leader shall be responsible in getting the necessary Government permits to operate the Education Centre. If any specific document is required from the company to prove authorization then the same shall be made available on case to case basis.

As per Atomy India Education Centre Guidelines, residential and mall space are not allowed for the Education Centre. More details about do’s and don’ts shall be made available on the Education Centre Website. Applicants should strictly follow the guidelines.

No, there are no fixed requirements. Education Centre Leader may make adequate arrangements for the recorded/live telecast of all types of seminars including virtual seminars, one day seminars, success seminar or such other seminar as may organised by Atomy from time to time. The responsibility of arranging the necessary equipment/infrastructure for the recorded/ live telecast shall lie solely on the Education Centre Leader. The Education Centre Leader can decide the number of equipments required to run the Education Centre and also the Education Centre leader can decide brand and type of equipments.

No. Educational Centres are meant to educate and train the distributors and/or prospective distributors and/or consumers about “the company” and enhance their knowledge so that they can participate in the Atomy system effectively

Education Centre Leader shall share seminar/training schedule to Atomy India and need to publish on SNS. Also Seminars/training shall be conducted as and when required apart from the fixed schedule, decision of the same shall be taken by the Education Centre Leader.

Applicant needs to contact up-line sponsors to connect with Royal Club Member to get the Royal Club Member recommendation or guarantee letter in the provided format

Education Centre naming shall be in the format of City Name_Unique name_'Centre'

  • Unique name : shall not use word 'Atomy'
  • Shall not use any number with the unique name.

eg: Gurugram Shine Centre

Applicant shall contact Customer service team for password reset form.