• External Signage is very important in showing the Atomy Imagery. Hence, everyone should follow the regulations when installing the signage which include a specific size and color combinations.
  • There are two design choices that we recommend for the banner,
    • (a) TYPE A uses a blue background (Pantone 2995C) and white font color.
    • (b) TYPE B, it’s white background and uses a blue font color (Pantone 2995C).

Type A

Type B

  • Step 02
  • You can use any type of chair for the center but we require that you use only ONE color for all the chairs. Provided above are the color choices – white, blue or black
  • Step 03
  • When making a color for outer door sheet, it’s recommended to have a translucent finish with the exclusive Atomy logo to maintain in a simple and minimalist design. If it’s necessary, the size of the door can be adjusted but make sure to stick with the regulations.
  • Step 04
  • As the name suggests, the use of Product posters is for Education Centre’s premises only. It’s better to install it above the Centre of the stage for wider visibility and maintain the corporate image.
    Choices that we recommend for the banner (Sample image only)
    The size of the poster will be A1 ( 23.4” X 33.1”)
  • Step 05
  • Internal posters includes the company motto, vision and mission of the company,
    The role of education Centre, The mission statement of education Centre as will as its code of ethics.
    For some details like the company motto, vision and mission, you may check our website www.atomy.com and download the copy on the resources folder. Using your own format is strictly prohibited.
  • Step 06
  • Business cards are used to introduce yourself and atomy to all the members and future members.
    It’s the basic medium for communication and must be presented well that’s why a standard formatting is given – specific font type, font size, and scale.
    If your contact details are long, spacing and size can be adjusted as long it does not affect the total image of your card. Do not use designations in your name to avoid confusion with other members.